The Halton REI has become IWIN

Infinity Wealth Investment Network

We are the premiere meet-up group for active real estate investors

and those who want to become one.

Have you been looking at real estate wondering if it’s possible to invest successfully without having to tear down walls, renovate bathrooms, or fix leaky basements?

Or maybe you’re already an investor and realize the potential, but are looking for different strategies you can leverage?

If you’re anything like us you’ve searched online, started reading books or attending different meetings but are still coming up short on actionable strategies specific to your local area.

This Is The Best Place To Meet People Who Are Successful In Real Estate Investing and Can Help You!

This is exactly why we started IWIN. And do you know what I love most about the meetings?

The quality of the attendees and speakers each month.

Everyone who comes out loves what they do. The knowledge and experience is local to the Halton region and it’s surrounding areas.  There’s a buzz in the room as everyone shares and learns from one another. It’s a room filled with the kind of people who raise you up and inspire you to take more action and realize your goals.

Surround Yourself and Learn from Other Halton Residents Just Like You, With Successful Real Estate Investors Willing to Share Their Stories and Failures to Help You Become a Smarter Investor Yourself

It’s the most wonderful thing in the world, in fact, the fun part is figuring out all the ways to improve our investment businesses, from learning new neighbourhoods, to different strategies for investment, or tips to attract that perfect tenant.

The best part is, this helps our investment businesses grow and we have been successful in growing, many attendees are doing very well having improved their net worth SIX or SEVEN figures and enough cash flow to retire early. The average net worth of the people you spend the most time with is your net worth, would you like to spend more time with folks who love to share and are rich? Then you will want to attend our live, in person, networking meetings.

Whether you are just starting your journey, have been investing for a few years, or are a well seasoned real estate investor the Infinity Wealth Investment Network has many benefits for you.

We meet 10-11 times each year on Saturday, the meetings run from 8:30am–11am immediately followed by a Street Smart Tour of local investments properties. We turn theory into results and examine some real brick and mortar income properties. We’ll show you how to analyze a property like a pro in order to maximize your investment returns!!

What makes our networking group different than others is we have been around since 2013 and are attended by several investors with 10+ years experience who own 10+ properties.  Many casual meet-ups do not have staying power or leadership and are attended by novices with limited experience to share.

Each meeting we feature great keynote speakers, examine economic fundamentals and market updates while allowing sufficient time for networking.

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