Take Your Real Estate Investing Career To The Next Level

iWIN is a membership for real estate investors.

When you become an iWIN member, you get access to a network of many high net-worth individuals.

These people are also investors themselves and more importantly, they have previous experience working with many other investors on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of investment properties.

Everything from straight rentals to student rentals to multi-unit buildings, flips, and more.

We really want to help you achieve your investment goals because if we can make you successful in real estate we’ll create a lifelong relationship together.

The iWIN team will work with you to review your goals and will never push you into anything. We’ll always go at your speed.

And when you have specific questions about investing we can chat about everything and anything you’d like:  population trends, how to market your properties, lease agreements, sale agreements, advertisements that work well … and those that don’t, rental rates, sale prices, historic appreciation, capitalization rates and more!

You’ll also receive a 8 big benefits when you join the iWIN membership.

These things are proven to be successful as we’re not reinventing the wheel over here. We’re constantly tweaking and adjusting things to make them work even better.